John D. and the boys began playing in 2005 in support of their debut album, One of a Kind. Although independently released, the record enjoyed widespread radio play domestically as well as in Europe and Australia. The record climbed to 17 on XM Radio’s X-Country channel year end top 50 chart in 2006.Their sophomore effort, Lost, was released in 2008 and picked up where “One of a Kind” left off. The album quickly topped X-Country’s charts and remained a Top Ten favorite for most of 2008. JDHB also broke into the Texas Country Music charts with their single, “Heartbreaker”.
The John D Hale Band’s third Album, “More Than I can Handle” was released in 2012, with Cody Braun and David Abeyta, members of the critically acclaimed Austin, TX group, Reckless Kelly, at the helm producing the record with Grammy Award® winning engineer Adam Odor.   The album’s debut single charted in the top 50 on the Texas Music Charts.
The John D. Hale Band sets up shop on the family ranch in their hometown of Jackson, Missouri, a true testament to the rural approach, sound, and subject matter of the songs they play. The quartet, made up of John D. Hale (vocals, guitar), Cody Phillips(bass, vocals), Chris Brotherton (drums, vocals) and Scott McCumber (steel guitar), put on a live show that is an energetic and rowdy showcase of great, American music. Armed with their original songs and a handful of covers by their heroes, the John D. Hale Band continues to travel this great country in search of anyone and everyone who will listen.


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Exotic Americana - The John D. Hale Band specializes in REAL music

When I caught up with John D. Hale a week or so ago on the cell, the group was traveling down to Texas for a small stint. Our talk was short and the guys were busy but, eventually, I got a chance to conduct a short interview with John, and got to learn a whole lot about the band.

The John D. Hale Band, a self-proclaimed "Americana" foursome, is nothing short of intriguing. John, the lead vocalist and primary songwriter for the group, grew up on an exotic animal farm with a chimpanzee as his sidekick. And here's the kicker -- fellow bandmates Cody (bass) and Smooth (vocals, guitar, banjo, mandolin) also help out on the ranch.

Drawing influences from country singer/songwriters Robert Earl Keen, Willie Nelson, Waylon Jennings, Jack Ingram and bluegrass acts such as The Del McCoury Band, Larry Sparks, Lou Reid, and Tony Rice, John fused what he heard with what he felt. The outcome was pure, real, Americana music. After performing solo for some time, the John D. Hale band was born in 2005.

As you know, there aren't many bands in this area that could fall into this type of genre. I asked John if their music was welcomed more further south, or in Texas or Oklahoma (which have become two favorite jaunts of the band) than in Missouri.

"The Cape area has never really had a country scene, but we've been really fortunate to do really well here locally. As far as the deep south goes, Texas and Oklahoma have welcomed us with open arms. There's a lot more of an "Americana" scene down there, and the people are all huge music fans."